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T.A.G. Tech Blog

Weekly Maintenance

Wednesday February 21st 2018 12:04:28 am

This is a standard weekly maintenance. Expected time is ~4 hours.

Additional info:
There is a small box located in the sandbox. I am doing some testing with it. Do not click it, unless you want logged off. Then have fun.
Some minor improvements will be coming shortly to the site.


Sunday September 17th 2017 11:14:10 pm

This has one fix in it.
llHTTPRequest was caped in 0.9 to 2048 bytes. This broke many scripts that used it. This is a hard coded value. So this update was made to fix it. Now the limit is 16384. This the max for most http apps. If your scripts are still broken. Please send me an IM in world.

As to other issues with slow rezzing, and a few other issues. I am working to correct those. In 0.9 they add http throttles. These throttles are intended to keep one person from consuming all simulator resources. However the need some tweaking and adjusting. Testing on will begin on the beta grid in the next few days. Other things are in the works as well. Stay tuned for additional info.

The update is already loaded and running on my sim. It appears to have affected load speeds, this is not expected. However if others see this, please let me know.

1:20am: Testing Complete
1:40am: Grid Shutdown Complete.
1:50am: Scripts/Caches copied to new version.
1:52am: The grid is now starting up.

More upgrades. State of things, and what to expect.

Thursday August 10th 2017 11:34:54 pm

I am sure most have noticed several regions were pushed to 0.9 rather abruptly. This was caused by the last round of OS upgrades to region server 4. After the upgrades, the old simulator software would no longer launch. Rather then spending hours trouble shooting it. I decided the fastest course was to move all sims on the server, to 0.9. This caused a few inventory issues for those sims.

To fix this, I upgrade the Robust(login) server to 0.9 as well. This caused a few hiccups around 11pm grid time. I apologize for problems or inconvenience this caused. After the upgrade, Inventory works much better, this applies 0.8 sims as well. Much to my surprise, The familiar cloud I have been, is no more. I was certain this was caused by driver corruption on my desktop, as it never happened on my laptop. It appears it was in inventory/cache issue for me, as well. So others may see some long standing issues resolved. If you have any new issues. Please submit a ticket. If you are not sure ask myself or Constanza.

Heading forwards, after the weekend I will be fixing search and starting additional 0.9 roll outs as i upgrade servers. The upgrades will be done during the standard weekly maintenance. Occasional rolling restarts may be performed as problems are found and fixed.

Beta grid testing.

Tuesday May 30th 2017 04:11:22 am

The betagrid is online with OS 9.0 base. Everyone is welcome to come help test. Use the main sim "The Safe Zone" for testing. Evermore Test will be a special test. If possible we will setup a link from the main grid so you dont have to create a beta account.

Reg System Ready for some testing.

Sunday May 21st 2017 04:50:53 am

Update regarding the site changes.

Saturday May 20th 2017 03:36:44 am

Most are live now on the beta grid and can be tested. Registration is not yet completed, however that should be done in the next day or 2.

Beta site changes.

Thursday May 18th 2017 05:22:01 am

More updates have been put on the beta site. Including a revamped password reset tool. The join page will be updated next.

The regions being upgraded to 0.9 has been delayed due to ongoing connectivity issues in testing. Once they appear to have been solved. We will test for 2-3 days on the beta grid to be sure. Then to select regions on the main grid. The rollout to the main grid will not require downtime, other then a restart to move the region to 0.9.

Site update

Tuesday May 9th 2017 11:56:19 pm

The site update and release of 0.9.1 is being delayed. This is due to real life problems and technical difficulties. The site update will be done on Thursday night. No downtime will occur as a result. Select sims will also be moved to 0.9.1 at the same time. The beta grid will be brought online tomorrow.

Weekly Maintenance

Tuesday March 14th 2017 11:56:53 pm

Standard weekly maintenance. Expected time is 2-4 hours. Logins will be enabled for most of the maintenance.