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Grid News

Regions being moved

Monday June 20th 2022 11:42:31 pm

Post By Darieth White

The following regions are being moved. This process may take a while, as it has to be done manually.

Unknown -- done
MoonLight -- done
Mustang_Ranch -- done
Crazy_Cat_Clowder -- done
T4T --Done
Black_Swan -- done
WildWood_Landscaping --done
Jayded --done
Riven --done
Eldorica --done
Acheron --done
Calia_II -- Done
Ocean_of_Ghosts --Done
Mont_Saint-Michel --Done
PyroVR_Fireworks --Done
Avalon --Done
Texture_Heaven --Done
Ancient_Dreams --Done
Christmas --Done
Crystal --Done
Amsterdam --Done
Coventry --Done
Salem --Done
Notable --Done
Pine_Ridge --Done
Wildflower_Haven --Done
The_Storm --Done
Atlantis --Done
Willow_Creek --Done
London --Done
Diamond_Valley --Done


Tuesday April 5th 2022 02:55:17 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

The following regions have been moved to the new host/servers:

Amnesia Haze
Mawi Mawi
Northern Light
Silver Haze
Snow White
White Widow
Ocean 8
Ocean 9
Sleepy Hollows
Jackson Square IDI
Islas del Draco
Sylvan Dream
Coolspring Lake
Mouser Island
Tranquility Bay
Satyr Farm
Smyth Haven
Medusas Lair
World of Heaven
Ivory City
Straits of Ivory
Serenity Myst

Server Move update

Tuesday April 5th 2022 02:41:20 am

Post By Darieth White

Work is complete. All regions are online.

Server Move.

Monday April 4th 2022 03:13:10 am

Post By Darieth White

We plan to move all the Sim on rs1 to a new server. This work will begin at 04-04-2022 10pm grid time. Regions on rs1 will be unavailable until work is complete. Region owners will not need to take any action while their regions are moved, or after. The expected time of the work is 4 hours. Updates will be posted if more time is needed.

Due to real world work, The start will be delayed by 30 minutes.
11:56 pm - Region startup is underway. I am manually starting one region at a time and verifying it is fully online and accessible before moving to the next.

RESOLVED: Login issues

Friday March 11th 2022 04:36:40 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Login issues have been resolved

Login issues

Friday March 11th 2022 04:17:08 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Due to a big storm crossing the USA, Tag Grid can not be reached as in: you can not login. The servers are not offline, we just can not reach them. As soon as our host (old host) fixes the issue, we will let you know


Wednesday March 9th 2022 05:30:44 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

The following regions have been moved to the new host/servers:

Events Center
Script Library
Sandbox II
Sweet Escape
Serenity Isles
Animation Nation
YadNis Workshop
Haven Farm
Silver Sands
Sanguis Vitalis
Double Dutch
Below the Waist land
Cape Serenity
The Freebie Mall
Rising Island
Secret of Gaia
Strokerz Toyz
Halloween 2017
Lanza Islands

Moving forward

Monday January 31st 2022 04:21:59 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

The upcoming weeks we will be changing server-host, as they have changed to Godaddy and cant offer us the service anymore like they used to and we will be getting better and more powerful servers. This means that as of tomorrow regions are being transferred to the new servers, so it can be that your region is down. We will try to do this in the least inconvenient way possible. This also means that the whole grid will go onto the new server code + script engine update.


Tuesday January 11th 2022 06:10:18 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Darieth is slowly starting to feel better, so slowly we are scaling services back up again

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