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T.A.G. Grid News

Weekly Maintenance - Done

Wednesday August 16th 2017 12:10:52 am

Post By Darieth White

Standard weekly maintenance.
Logins will be enabled.

Tomorrow morning we will be continuing the server upgrade process. As possible logins will be enabled during the process.

Maintainance is complete

Friday August 11th 2017 03:23:42 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

All sims are back up with 0.9

Login Server upgraded.

Thursday August 10th 2017 11:21:51 pm

Post By Darieth White

As a result of the login server being upgrade. The map is not loading right, as not all sims are registered correctly with it. A rolling restart is underway to reconnect all sims, and regenerate the map.

Logins will remain enabled. Warnings will start 5 minutes before a sim restarts.

Estimated time is 2 hours.

All regions will be coming back up as 0.9. After upgrading robust. 0.8 regions and 0.9 regions cease to be compatible.

Montly Maintenanace is starting.

Tuesday August 8th 2017 10:32:39 pm

Post By Darieth White

We are continuing the upgrade/0.9 roll out tonight. Maintenance will start at 11pm.
Estimated time of completion is 5-6am Grid time.
All system updates will be applied. And more system regions will be moved to 0.9.

8/09 11:00 pm Logins disable. Regions are shutting down

8/09 12:30 am Raid dropped a disk on a region server. Rebuild in progress.

8/09 12:45 am Raid failure tracked to software issue. Will be solved during the update.

8/10 03:40 am Logins are enabled. One region server is still updating. Once it is online this will be updated.

8/10 03:41 Maintenance mode lifted to allow registrations.

8/10 05:28 Raid rebuild complete. Last phase of updates underway.

8/10 06:00 Updates complete. Final region start in progress

8/10 08:37 All regions are online. All regions on Region Server 4 have 0.9. Search is not working for them. A fix is being worked on.

Maintenance Starting Now - Complete

Monday August 7th 2017 10:00:00 pm

Post By Darieth White

Logins are disabled.

08/07 11:00 pm: System updates are complete. Starting regions.

08/08 01:15 am: Logins enable. The last regions are starting up.

08/08 01:30 am: All regions online.

Maintenance starting shortly.

Monday August 7th 2017 09:45:06 pm

Post By Darieth White

The next phase of upgrades will begin at 10pm tAG time. During this time. ALL sims will be unavailable. Logins and account creation will be disabled. Estimated time is 1-2 hours. However this may take up to 6 hours.

Weekly Maintenance

Wednesday August 2nd 2017 12:08:24 am

Post By Darieth White

Standard weekly maintenance + TAG regions will be converted to 0.9 regions on a select basis.

Update 4:50am: Logins are enabled. standard maintenance is complete. Region upgrades are still being worked on. 10 minutes notice will be given before a sim is shutdown to upgrade

Maintainance is complete

Wednesday July 26th 2017 03:44:44 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Maintainance is complete

Weekly Maintenance.

Wednesday July 26th 2017 12:02:41 am

Post By Darieth White

Standard weekly maintenance.
Logins will be enabled.

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