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T.A.G. Grid News

Maintenance is over

Wednesday February 13th 2019 11:06:05 am

Post By Lord Sullivan

All systems are go :)

Weekly Maintenance.

Wednesday February 13th 2019 01:55:58 am

Post By Darieth White

Weekly Maintenance will begin shortly.
Logins will be disabled.

Version update.

Saturday February 9th 2019 01:02:51 am

Post By Darieth White

We are pushing the new version to all sims tonight. Logins will be enabled. And only 3 sims at a time will be offline.

Rolling restarts

Thursday February 7th 2019 01:48:06 pm

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Rolling restarts on the way to fix an issue that accured at our data center and made the grid out of sync

Maintainance is complete

Thursday February 7th 2019 06:52:59 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

The following sims have been updated to new servercode which contains fixes in regards to mesh handling, the tp issue and animesh. All regions will be getting this new version but they are being in batches:
Ohara Butler Homested
Mustang Place
Crazy Cat Clowder
oYo Family
Black Swan
Arcadia Asylum

Weekly maintenance postponed

Wednesday February 6th 2019 01:38:35 am

Post By Darieth White

Maintenance is being postponed. A new version will be rolled out in the next few days, A few sims will be done each day.

USA Internet issues and lag on the grid

Sunday February 3rd 2019 12:36:32 pm

Post By Lord Sullivan

As some of you are aware there are some lag issues on the grid which Dar is investigating and it will take some time to pin the cause down, there are a lot of connection issues across the usa atm please see the attached link. Our servers are not in the affected area however there will be possible issues connecting into our server colo and for this I hope the Patriots win lol

Animesh Testing

Thursday January 31st 2019 08:25:37 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

As of today, you can all test Animesh on the Beta Sandbox. You will need the beta firestorm viewer 6 for it. Please keep in mind pathfinding isnt integrated in opensim software but there are other script functions to make movement around possible. The TAGurl to the Beta Sandbox is: hop://

Maintenanace is now complete

Wednesday January 30th 2019 08:55:15 am

Post By Constanza Amsterdam

Maintenanace is now complete

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